The Blue Diamond Standard is a guarantee trusted by the food and beverage manufacturing industry world wide. Delivering quality ingredients to manufacturers, consistently to the highest standards for over 16 years.
Our promise under the Blue Diamond standard is:

1. Factory Checks

factory checks
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2. Quality Standards

quality standards
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3. Blue Diamond Audit Team

blue diamond audit
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4. Only one step from the factory to manufacturer - we are the only step in the distribution chain. This allows us to ensure our standards from source to delivery.

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The Blue Diamond Standard brand delivers quality as given. Our quality checks are thorough and unsurpassed. We provide a short route of supply, we are the only step in the chain. Therefore the only middle man from the manufacturer. We only approve factories that have been visited and audited by our team.

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Detailed specification documents (Product Packs) with fully traceable details, information and quality documents are provided with every ingredient and production batch we sell.

All products are tested in a UK accredited Laboratory.

Please contact us if you have a question about one of our products or enquire so we can advise you on the Blue Diamond Standard.