Zinc Gluconate 20-60 Mesh

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A white crystalline powder with moderate water solubility. Zinc Gluconate is an organic zinc salt, which is approved within the EU as a mineral source of zinc for food fortification and food supplements. It is moderately water-soluble and has good bioavailability. It has no flavour or colour effects in normal use.
Whilst zinc has anti-oxidant effects; zinc salts (and some other heavy metals) can accelerate fat rancidity in some processed foods. Zinc can also decrease the stability of vitamin C in solution and so might destabilise vitamin C in some processed, long shelf-life drinks containing vitamin C.


Where permitted within the EU (2019), the appropriate levels of zinc gluconate can be included in fortified foods and mineral supplements with positive health claims relating to (for example): the immune system, cognitive health, carbohydrate metabolism, vitamin A metabolism, fertility, protein synthesis, vision, oxidative stress and the maintenance of skin, hair, nails and bone.
Fortification of food products with a “source of zinc” or “high in zinc” claims within the EU. Cold-relief powders, tablets and capsules intended to reduce the duration of the common cold and flu-like symptoms – often used in conjunction with vitamin C and extracts such as Echinacea. Cosmetics including skin cream.

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