Xanthan Gum 200 Mesh Law Labs Approved

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Fermented xanthan gum is extracted as a white/cream coloured, cold-water-soluble powder, which can provide rapid viscosity and suspending properties at typically 0.1% - 0.5% w/w. It has neutral flavour and aroma in use.
To avoid lumping, the xanthan gum should either be dispersed in another dry ingredient, oil or water-miscible solvent – prior to adding to water, with reasonably high shear mixing.
Xanthan gum is an additive and hydrocolloid with excellent process-tolerance and stability at high and low pH in many circumstances. Xanthan gum has better alcohol-tolerance than most other hydrocolloids.
Xanthan gum thickens synergistically with other hydrocolloids such as Guar Gum and in particular with Locust Bean Gum, Cassia and Konjac - permitting the formation of thermo-reversible gels.
Xanthan alone can sometimes cause gelling or phase separation, for example in low viscosity dairy liquids although it is widely used in dairy systems such as cottage cheese.


  • Emulsion stabiliser and thickener (mayonnaise and dressings)
  • Provides ‘cling’ in batter coatings and coleslaw dressings.
  • Can control sugar crystal size in confectionery and ice cream structure (providing a ‘warmer’ eat).
  • Effective thickener and suspension aid in sugar-free and low-calorie drinks, providing a sugar-like mouthfeel.
  • Xanthan gum has corresponding applications in cosmetic oil in-water emulsions – potentially providing shelf-life and freeze-thaw stability
  • Xanthan gum has also been used to thicken emulsion paints and liquid cleansers.

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