Vitamin B3 Nicotinamide

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Vitamin B3 is found in foods such as meat, liver, fish, potatoes, nuts and yeast. Vitamin B3 is precursor of co-enzymes NAD and NADP. In manufactured foods, Vitamin B3 has good process and storage stability although in fortified foods, extra Vitamin B3 may be needed to allow for losses during processing and over shelf-life, to achieve the required labelling claims. Agents such as trace metals, low pH, high temperature, oxygen, oxidising/reducing agents and UV light, can accelerate the breakdown of vitamin B3 in solution.
According to The EU Register of Approved Health Claims (2018), fortified foods with sufficient levels of added vitamin B3 can have several product claims including those relating to energy-yielding metabolism, reduced tiredness and fatigue, the skin and the nervous system. The two approved forms of Vitamin B3 are nicotinamide (the most popular type) and nicotinic acid. Vitamin B3 is usually used in its in pure form.


  • Food supplements in tablet form
  • Fortified food products including drinks and meal replacers
  • Sports-related energy drinks requiring approved performance claims relating to ‘energy production’ and ‘reduced tiredness and fatigue’.
  • Pet vitamin supplements
  • Cosmetics (shampoo and lotion)

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