Tri Sodium Citrate

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Tri-Sodium Citrate is the sodium salt of fully neutralised citric acid. It is a white crystalline powder, which dissolves in hot or cold water to form a weakly alkaline solution with a bitter, tart taste. However, when the pH is decreased with an acid such as citric acid for example; it can increase the citrus flavour at a given pH compared to citric acid on its own.
Tri-Sodium Citrate is a buffering agent and sequestrant, which binds calcium and heavy metal ions. This action can act as an anti-oxidant synergist as well as controlling the gelling action of soluble calcium ions with hydrocolloids such as sodium alginate or amidated and low methoxyl pectin. Tri-sodium Citrate is also used to facilitate the solubility of hydrocolloids such as sodium alginate and Gellan Gum by binding calcium and magnesium ions.


  • Control of pH and flavour in citrus drinks based on organic acids such as malic or citric acid.
  • Source of sodium ions, flavour and pH control in drinks intended for post exercise rehydration.
  • pH control in jams and jellies containing low methoxyl and amidated pectin.
  • Control of the pH, rate of gelling and final texture in hydrocolloid gels.
  • Used with phosphates in the production of processed cheese.

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