Pea Protein 80%

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Pea protein isolate is a relatively neutrally-flavoured, light tan powder, which disperses into cold water without lumping, to produce a cloudy suspension. Pea protein Isolate is relatively process-stable, which unlike some proteins, such as wheat and whey protein, does not gel on heating. This can have processing advantages in some fortified bakery products.
Pea protein isolate is particularly compatible with savoury flavours such as chocolate and peanut. Following ingestion, Pea Protein Isolate is absorbed at a rate intermediate between whey protein (fast) and casein (slow).


Pea protein isolate is used to increase the protein content of sports supplements and fortified foods and drinks. Pea Protein Isolate has a good essential amino acid profile (including high levels of branched chain amino acids for muscle building). A slight deficiency in sulphur-containing amino acids in pea (and soya) protein can be overcome by blending with for example rice, hemp or wheat proteins, which contain higher levels of sulphur-containing amino acids.

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